Our Food

Our Dishes

Enjoy unlimited buffet with all sorts of meat, seafood, vegetables, dim sum, desserts, soft drinks and sauce

Meat (Beef, Pork and Lamb)

Fresh, tender, thinly-sliced cuts of beef, pork and lamb to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.


Fresh, tasty delights from the sea, including king prawns, scallops, mussels and a variety of fish fillets.


Whether you prefer vegetables as a main course or side dish, our large selection of healthy greens and other plant-based foods will keep you well and truly satisfied. From bok choy to Chinese broccoli, shallots, watercress and more, we have vegetables galore!

Dim Sum

Enjoy all your delicious dim sum favourites and discover some new ones. Choose from steamed buns, wontons, dumplings, tarts and much more. Always fresh, delicious and hard to resist.


No feast is complete without a sweet treat to round things off. Our dessert buffet changes regularly – from buns to cupcakes, tarts, chocolate cake and puddings, we’ve got something to please everyone. And if you fancy some fresh fruit, we provide the season’s tastiest and juiciest.

Sauce and Hot Pot Base

Dipping sauces are essential to the hot pot experience. Our buffet has a great range of tasty sauces featuring all the best ingredients and condiments. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy – are you ready to dip in?

Soft Drink

Chill down and beat the heat with our fresh line up of unlimited Soft Drinks which are included in our all you can eat hot pot buffet!